Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you, Michael Heart: “Song for Gaza: We Will Not Go Down ”!

How michael heart found it in himself to write such a hopeful song for the palestinians in the midst of all this i cannot imagine. but i applaud his creative and uplifting heart!

..."God Bless you for this song"..

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  1. I wish an Arab musician had the decency and the integrity to do compose a similar songs. But NO! Arabs are too busy disagreeing among each others while their fellow arabs (in Palestine) are being killed. While children and others are being killed, festivities are taking place in arab countries (I will not mention them) and arab singers (well known) are being paid hundred thousands of dollars to sing stupid songs in weddings and at New Year Eve. Eventually, God will stop blessing these arabs and our ennemies know that! Only we are too stupid to realize it.