Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Lebanon's Cedar Island' : Will be constructed in the Sea !

Something NOT TO MISS !! Read below :

Beirut - "Noor International Holding", located in Beirut, declared its determination to present to the Lebanese official authorities the development of "Lebanon's Cedar Island" project facing the Lebanese coast in order to get the approvals.

The company revealed also that the project is an artificial island in the sea and it is similar to Lebanon's national symbol. It is worth mentioning that this island will be the biggest artificial tree in the history. This island will include service, entertaining, touristic, commercial and residential compounds characterized by a great luxuriousness that is in harmony with the modern lifestyle, in addition to the availability of the best accommodations.

Moreover, the company mentioned that it will be the main developer of the project and that it has started its calls with many Lebanese investors residing in Lebanon and abroad, with Arabs and other investment parties.

This is exactly what we need!!!

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  1. It looks like another Dubai to me. Frankly appalling! Walk in the streets of Lebanon, talk to the people, hear their stories. They are starving, cold (not enough to pay for heating), they cannot buy what they need and now there is talk about TVA increasing yet another 2%. So why do such projects? So that Lebanon becomes another Sedome and Gemorah? A country where the rich and the filthy (not the famous) live? those who do not care for those who cannot pay for shelther and medication?? Too bad, we care only for appearences and this is a sign of our demise!